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Eternalwater ® Team building activities

2023-08-07 Eternalwater

In order to thank the team members for their continuous efforts and dedication, enhance the mutual cooperation of cohesion among team members and enrich the work life of colleagues, our company held a warm, laughter and unlimited happiness Moganshan tourist on August 4th and 5th.

 In the hot summer, we went to the 18 Road Bay for rafting and enjoyed real experience of rafting exciting, thrilling, safety, wild fun.

Experience various projects in Skyline Forest Valley, exciting scooters, experience the thrill of speed and passion, there are iconic buildings: Skyline Exploration Tower, experience the visual sense of the mountains, etc., from the photos In the photo, you can see that colleagues are having fun and joy in this forest valley.

Our company organized a tea party after the meal. In the more than ten years since its establishment, the company has continuously established a firm foothold in various industries and achieved excellent results step by step. This is all due to your dedicated efforts at work.

This Moganshan team activity allowed all employees of Eternalwater Filtration to slow down from the fast-paced work and feel happy, allowing everyone to experience a different feeling. Next, we will continue to do our job well and have Dream, be brave and take responsibility, keep making progress, and contribute to a better future for the company.

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