GF -EBG Series
GF -EBG Series
GF -EBG Series
GF -EBG Series
GF -EBG Series

GF -EBG Series

The pleated filter element adopts rigid ultra-fine glass fiber (GF) membrane, resulting from its high flow rate and large pollution capacity, adsorption effect, good retention effect, and low leaching characteristics, it becomes an efficient pre-filtration filter element. The integrity test before leaving factory ensures the high quality of the products.
  • Product features
  • High flow rate and large pollution capacity The dissolved matter is very low and there is no fiber falling off. Each filter element passes integrity test.
  • Industry Application
  • Electronics industry: terminal filtration for ultrapure water preparation, semiconductor wet equipment terminal filtration, water-based reagent filtration. Pharmaceutical industry: pre-filtration of cell culture media, pre-filtration of serum and blood products, decarburization filtration of APIs and preparations, clarification filtration of viscous or colloidal liquids. Food industry: terminal filtration of mineral water and pure water.
  • Operating conditions
  • Operating temperature: ≤80℃
  • Maximum pressure difference that can withstand: 4bar (21℃)/2.4bar (80℃)
  • Sterilization method: 121℃/30min steam sterilization
  • Material structure
  • Filter material: mixed fiber membrane
  • Inner core: PP
  • Cover: PP
  • End cap: PP
  • Sealing technology :Hot-Melt Welding
  • Gasket/O-ring: EPDM, silica gel, fluororubber, PTFE coated, PTEF
  • Filter element size
  • external diameter: 68mm
  • length: 5〞、10 〞、20 〞、30〞、40〞
Ordering Information
  • Series
  • EBG
  • Micron Rating
  • 022=0.22μm
  • 045=0.45μm
  • 100=1.00μm
  • 500=5.00μm
  • 1000=10.00μm
  • End cap type
  • J1=222/Fin
  • J2=222/Flat
  • J3=226/Fin
  • J4=226/Flat
  • J5=DOE
  • Length
  • 05=5"
  • 10=10"
  • 20=20"
  • 30=30"
  • 40=40"
  • O-ring
  • S=Silicone
  • E=EPDM
  • V=Viton
  • D=PTFE
  • core
  • A=PP core
  • B=PP core+Interface lined with stainless steel
  • C=PP core+Lined with stainless steel
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