ecs-b series of gamma-resistant hydrophilic capsule filter
ecs-b series of gamma-resistant hydrophilic capsule filter
ecs-b series of gamma-resistant hydrophilic capsule filter
ecs-b series of gamma-resistant hydrophilic capsule filter
ecs-b series of gamma-resistant hydrophilic capsule filter

ecs-b series of gamma-resistant hydrophilic capsule filter

Eternalwater ® Ecs-b series capsule filter is suitable for buffer, culture medium, and HP regulator filter during biological product production.It is equipped with bacteriial hydrophilic polyether sulfoide (PES) filtration membrane, reliable sterilization guarantee, good chemical compatibility, and suitable for various types of liquid filtration in PH range 1-14.
High-throughput sterilizing hydrophilic polyether sulfoone (pes) filtration membrane with rapid filtration with sterilization guarantee, Which can reduce the cost of pre-filtration and the entire filtration process. Good chemical compatibility, suitable for various solutions with ph 1-14, including naoh solution.The e c s-b series of gamma-resistant hydrophilic capsule filter can select for gamma-ray-resistant sterilization, autoclave steam sterilization, and pre-sterilization.
  • Product features
  • Quality assurance: The design, development and production of ecs-b series capsule filters follow the quality management system approved by the iso 9001 Quality System Standard Certification Agency.Each filter is produced with a quality assurance letter.All filters produced 100% production the integrity test.The product has trace-ability, with a product name and other features marked on each filter.
    Easy-to-use: An ecs-b series capsule filter that saves the time and cost associated with the assembly, cleaning, and verification of stainless steel sleeves.Adjustable and easily rotating upstream vent (with o-ring seal) and hose adaptors for easy process control.
    Appropriate size: The e c s-b series capsule filter is a small small-capacity filter, avoids waste of filtration material and liquid residue, meets all your application needs, and is easy to enlarge your small-capacity filtration step to a larger, full-scale filtration process.
    A variety of precision selection: ecs-b series capsule filter using advanced discount technology, can combine different filtration accuracy, upper membrane structure aperture upper loose lower tight, both membrane are asymmetric membrane structure, together constitute a multi-layer area filter membrane, improve the pollution and flow rate and ensure the sterilization effect.
  • Industry Application
  • Pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, chemicals, inks, food and beverages
  • Material structure
  • Size of inner core: 5”、10”
  • Filtration accuracy: 0.22μm、0.10μm、0.45+0.22μm、0.22+0.22μm、0.22+0.10μm
  • Interface type: TC50
  • Filter area: 0.3㎡/0.6㎡
  • Operating conditions
  • Operating temperature : 60°C
  • Operating pressure : 80 psi@25°C
  • Sterilization : It can be sterilized with 40kgy gamma radiation and 126°c high pressure steam for 60 minutes
  • Filter media
  • Filter membrane: PES
  • Support layer: PP
  • Shell: PP
  • Exhaust port O-ring: Silica gel
  • QC
  • Bubble point: (25°C pure water wetting) 3,400 m b a r
  • Bacterial endotoxin: The filtrate endotoxin was determined according to the bacterial endotoxin examination method of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Edition General Rules 2020 (1143), and the filtrate endotoxin content was less than 0.25EU / ml.
  • TOC/ conductivity: It was performed according to the determination method of total organic carbon in pharmaceutical water of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 (0682) and the water conductivity determination method of pharmaceutical Pharmacopoeia (0681). The TOC value is 0.5 mg/L and the conductivity value is 1.3us / cm.
  • Clarity: According to the lamp inspection method stipulated in the Chinese Pharmaceutical Code 2020 Edition General Rules (0904), no fiber or other visible foreign bodies were detected in the filtrout.
  • Bacterial interception capacity : According to the ASTM test method, you can pass the 107 CFU / cm2-deficient Pseudomonas (ATCC ® 19146) intercept test.
  • Biology security: All materials meet USP & lt; 88 & gt; biosafety evaluation of VI-121 grade °C plastics materials
  • Quality system : Production follows the quality management system recognized by the ISO 9001 quality system standard certification agency
Ordering Information
  • Series
  • KB
  • Material
  • S=PES
  • Filtration accuracy
  • 022=0.22μm
  • 010=0.10μm
  • 045022=045+0.22μm
  • 022022=0.22+0.22μm
  • 022010=0.22+.0.10μm
  • Length
  • A=5"
  • B=10"
  • Interface Type
  • T=TC50
  • Sterilization
  • G=Gamma radiation sterilization
  • Z=Autoclaving
  • W=Aseptic
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