pure water preparation

  • Ultra pure water treatment equipment adopts pretreatment, reverse osmosis technology, mixed bed, EDI device and post-treatment methods to almost completely remove the conductive medium in the water, and remove the non dissociated colloidal substances, gases and organics in the water to a very low degree. Ultrapure water equipment is also called: ultrapure water device, ultrapure water machine, ultrapure water instrument, ultrapure water system, laboratory ultrapure water device, etc. The resistivity of ultrapure water produced by ultrapure water machine should generally be greater than 10 megohm. Water above 10 megohm is called ultrapure water. The water output can reach 18.25 megaohm.

    Process introduction

    ① Pretreatment

    1. The traditional process consists of mechanical filter, activated carbon filter and security filter.

    2. The latest process consists of mechanical filter, security filter and ultrafiltration.

    ② Reverse osmosis system

    1. It is composed of high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis

    2. It can be divided into primary reverse osmosis and secondary reverse osmosis

    ③ Finishing system

    1. Composed of ion exchange and microporous filter

    2. EDI and microporous filter

    Pretreatment → reverse osmosis → intermediate water tank → water pump → EDI device → purified water tank → pure water pump → ultraviolet sterilizer → polishing mixed bed → 0.2 or 0.5 μ M precision filter → water object (≥ 18m Ω. Cm)

    Filter element is a very important component for pure water equipment. It has many varieties, mainly used to filter impurities in water and remove peculiar smell. Block more fine impurities in the water for the following reverse osmosis membrane process, and prevent the reverse osmosis from blocking due to large particles in the water

    Ultra pure water back-end filter element generally refers to the filter element after two-stage reverse osmosis RO used in electronic and pharmaceutical industries. This filter element generally adopts PES polyethersulfone folding filter element. The filter element can be divided into electronic (PES) polyethersulfone folding filter element and pharmaceutical (PES) polyethersulfone folding filter element.

    Features: polyethersulfone membrane folding filter element adopts asymmetric unsupported PES membrane imported from Germany, with high throughput, long service life, high bubble point, low protein adsorption and high rejection. The filter element has good heat resistance and can be steam sterilized for many times. The integrity test before leaving the factory ensures the high quality of the product.
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