• The electrolyte filtration method usually includes the following key steps:

    Preparation: Ensure that the filter element is in a clean state and check if the filter element is intact, undamaged, or clogged. Ensure that the inlet and outlet pipelines are connected correctly and have no leaks. Check if the front-end system can be used correctly and confirm if the electrolyte to be filtered is in normal condition.

    Parameter setting: Determine appropriate filtering parameters based on actual needs, such as flow rate, pressure, and filtering accuracy. Choose the appropriate filter element type and pore size to filter impurities of different sizes.

    Filtering operation: Introduce the electrolyte into the filter through the inlet pipeline to ensure that the liquid is evenly distributed on the surface of the filter element. Control the flow rate and pressure of the filter to avoid excessive working conditions.

    Regular cleaning and maintenance: Regularly inspect and clean the filter to maintain its normal operation. If there is blockage or damage, the filter element should be cleaned or replaced in a timely manner.

    Safe operation: Follow relevant safety regulations during the operation process, such as using personal protective equipment such as protective gloves and glasses. Pay attention to ventilation and avoid contact with harmful substances.

    In addition, selecting corrosion-resistant materials for filters and regularly monitoring the performance of electrolytes (such as pH and conductivity) are also important maintenance measures.
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    Seven-core capsule filter Used for high flow rate EAH Series
    Seven-core capsule filter Used for high flow rate EAH Series
    EAH Series seven-core capsule filter adopts an integrated design. On the basis of meeting the gradient winding structure of the polypropylene filter material, the filter area is increased by increasing the number of winding filter elements, effectively improving the filtration efficiency, thereby achieving the effect of long service life.
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