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  • The first step in selecting a lithium battery filter tank is to select suitable filtering materials, which can be stainless steel, PP cotton, polyester film, glass fiber filter paper, etc. These filtering materials have different filtration accuracy and adsorption performance, and can be selected according to specific process requirements. Secondly, the electrolyte in the battery needs to enter the filter tank through a pipeline, and the filtering material captures and adsorbs the impure substances inside. At the same time, the clean liquid in the solution is left behind and discharged through the pipeline.
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    Seven-core capsule filter Used for high flow rate EAH Series
    Seven-core capsule filter Used for high flow rate EAH Series
    EAH Series seven-core capsule filter adopts an integrated design. On the basis of meeting the gradient winding structure of the polypropylene filter material, the filter area is increased by increasing the number of winding filter elements, effectively improving the filtration efficiency, thereby achieving the effect of long service life.
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